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Are High Performance Cultures built through careful role modelling of the expectations you hold your employees to?

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Do you agree with this quote below?

High Performance Cultures are built through careful role modelling of the expectations you hold your employees to? Whether as Parents or Leaders there is no escaping ‘Doing what you Say…..’ And again there cannot be exceptions to the standards of behaviors which are indeed the elements of Performance. As most companies have concluded their Performance Review cycles and many have announced the Annual Performance Rewards, this is a good time to re-examine WHAT we mean by High Performance? Which behaviors do we believe are non-negotiable? Even as Organizations grapple with new ways of working, what behaviors are we expecting from employees across levels of Leadership? What would account for performance?

In one of Capstone’s recent High Performance Culture cascades we amplified the everyday small acts of professionalism and courtesies that constitute Customer-centricity and High Performance at the client’s end. In fact there is value trapped in the small things- and it’s important to uphold that as Performance within organizations-returning calls, Accepting Meeting requests, being conscious about time being wasted in meetings, saying Thank you/ Sorry etc. Much as these appear small and elementary, these are astonishingly absent within many cultures. Worse still toxic behaviors of working in silos, being territorial, excluding individuals/ teams and marginalizing juniors, not sharing information are other bad behaviors often tolerated even at leadership levels.
Needless to say this demagnetizes Talent, reduces the quality of Employee Experience and can adversely impact Employee well being and retention.

This Performance year let’s re-invent, re-cast and re-define what Performance is to us. Remaining high performing requires culture to be your key Differentiator. Everything else including Strategy can be imitated.

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